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About Me

My name is Alexander Waleczek.

I was born in Germany and decided to permanently move to New Zealand in December 2014. By then I had finished my studies and had lived in various countries for travel and work.

I am currently working as a contractor, helping companies to get the most value out of their Tableau/Salesforce environments. I focus on developing robust and maintainable solution with a focus on user experience design. When I don’t work with clients to help them make sense of their data, I use Tableau recreationally and run the #WorkoutWednesday community project for CRMA.

This blog is a pet project that gets sometimes more, sometimes less attention. I focus on things around Tableau, CRMA, data visualisation in general and the community around it. 

If you are want to have a chat about any of the things I write/talk about, find me on one of the below platforms and I’m happy to talk!

You can find and contact me here: