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DI/DII Training References

DI/DII Training References

Over time I collected a whole bunch of useful links related to data visualisation in general and Tableau in particular. For the official Tableau Desktop 1 and Desktop 2 courses I created a collection of these links to hand out after the course for further readings, more detailed explanation and to see other use cases; below you will find these links. It follows loosely the structure of the training books; if you know of any other useful links, let me know via the comments or Twitter

General References

If nothing helps, these pages will have an answer


Introduction to Tableau

Data Filtering


Creating and Using Hierarchies

Working with Dates in Tableau


  • Applications of scatterplots
  • Hans Rosling: The best Stats you’ve ever seen

Mapping Data Geographically

Creating Highlight Tables and Heatmaps

Calculations and Aggregations

Table Calculation Overview

Showing Breakdowns of the Whole (Pie Charts and Treemaps)

Reference Lines and Reference Bands



Data Blending

Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions

Bullet Graph

Bins and Histograms

Box and Whisker Plots


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